Roberto Roja

Roerto Roja

Author of: ALONE

My name is Roberto Roja. I was born in Sydney, Australia. I believe that what makes us who we are is something kept inside ourselves that only few really see in the outside world, hidden there like an old dusty bottle of red wine, stored somewhere inside ancient ruins or castles spread across the globe, never to be consumed by anyone, not even ourselves . . . That’s who I am . . . That’s who we are as a species . . . I have travelled across the globe. Read many books. Always coming back to the greats like Bukowski, Artaud, Fante, and Thompson . . . I am a being, a force . . . A lover . . . Hard worker . . . Wino . . . Writer . . . Always walking through the fire. My first novel, Filth & Romance (Laughing Fire Press, 2014), was birthed from the experiences I had while travelling around Europe, especially Florence, Italy, which broke and formed me in ways the words, the blank page, Shakespeare, Mozart, Art or all the gods combined, cannot comprehend.