A Moment of Silence<br>Lee Kottner
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A Moment of Silence
Lee Kottner

A Moment of Silence

Lee Kottner


At 2:47 today,

I will still be in my office

deciding the fate

of students I have known

for a third of a year.

The work is silent

except for brief grumbles

about lack of responsibility,

last-minute efforts,

poor impulse control,

missed dead-



At 2:47 yesterday,

two lives ended

in retaliation

for hundreds more,

or just because

a young man

had access to a weapon

and an unquenchable rage

that burst out

in the opposite of silence.

And if I am silent


at 2:47 today

in memory of all of them

shot with the same gun,

victims of the same

eye for an eye


I, too,

help make the whole world

—like my half-formed students—


and deaf.