Alone<br>Roberto Roja
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Roberto Roja


Roberto Roja


Alone but not lonely

Even as the black bird cries

Her song into the night

I sit in a room alone

But not lonely

As mother death prepare to take

Another life

As Mozart plays in the other room

As a plane is shot down out the the


298 people dead

On another Malaysian airline

Alone but not alone

As I check the Facebook updates

An old girlfriend has just gotten


Love thrown around like a dice in a

Game of crabs

The right number never falling

So we keep gambling away our love

Our lust

Our fire

Our spirit

Blowing our juices into the murky

Water each night

Hoping for that explosion to recur

Like our young selves travelling


Lost in the back streets of Florence

Or Barcelona

Alone but not lonely

As I sit in this room

Without you

Without your scent on my pillow

Without the come staines on the


Without your body pressed so close

To mine

That I feel your sweat dripping

Combining with my own

The salt of the sea

Crashing upon the shore of the bed


Flowing over the edge to where

The sea creatures lurk below

Waiting to feast upon our flesh

Alone but not lonely

So the vino keeps flowing

The bombs keep dropping

Mozart keeps playing

The sea creatures still lurk

The dice still rolled

While I am left in this room alone

But not lonely

Without you

Waiting for your return.