It was that time in America<br>Sharron McCuistion
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It was that time in America
Sharron McCuistion

It was that time in America

Sharron McCuistion


It was that time in America

when young people were killing themselves

when police were killing unarmed citizens (mostly Black)

and lone young men (mostly white) were randomly shooting everyone else

in high schools and colleges shopping malls  movie theaters and elementary



It was that time in the early 21st Century (or some other time)

when young men (and women) armed with sophisticated weapons

were killing men women and children

on foreign soil

sometimes up close and personal  sometimes

from a distance of thousands of miles


It was that time when old white men

who had earned their power (one way or another)

sat in tribunals and debated whether or when to push the button

to eliminate the human race


It was a time like all times when fear followed relentlessly even into dreams

and hope was an ancient pastime

practiced only by the very young


A time when the future seemed to ride on a knife-edge cusp

of some unlikely tomorrow


A time without tears

when drugs were the only

true refuge