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Patsy Asuncion


1,000 children in the West Bank arrested

every year for crimes against Israel.

Among the annual 200 imprisoned Palestinian kids

Khatib is the youngest of only four girls

a distinct jail cell contestant.

Her charming smile was caught on camera

after serving 45 days in Israeli prison

as she posed for the press a harmless lion cub forced

into admitting guilt. The black and white

encircling her neck tells another story about a line in dirt

one dares not cross. The scarf screams Palestinian

solidarity much like the Stars and Stripes shout America.

Inscrutable checkered keffiyeh a nationalist symbol since the 30s

is also like a concert t-shirt for fashionably conscious Arabs.

Is Khatib a sinless concert-goer caught in the cross-hairs

or a citizen of underground resistance her native tongue?

Perhaps the more useful question why

are we even asking our children?