Pleasure Principle<br>Fred Andrle
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Pleasure Principle
Fred Andrle

Pleasure Principle

Fred Andrle


“Study puts Iraqi deaths of civilians at 100,000.”

— New York Times headline, 10/29/04


“U.S. military death toll reaches 2,000 in Iraq.”

— New York Times headline, 10/25/05


Dear one, as the storm raves,

the bitter wind snares the house

we’re easy in our comfort

relaxing into a nested love

while the bombs fall, and the light departs.


How could we arrange this gladness

as the world tumbles howling around us

our bodies luxurious against one another

while our worldwide limbs are hacked and burned.


This is the way our lifetime ends

in the fire-flame of war

clutching each other

vowing our devotion

our walls soon breached.


But in this dying hour, if we do not love

if water does not please our lips

or warming sun delight

then who shall we say that God is

and what shall we say is His holy will?