We the People<br>Fred Anderle
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We the People
Fred Anderle

We the People

Fred Andrle


Connoisseurs of every medium

we are served, on a tray, our global food.

That car’s not right? We’ll have another,

and the house that surrounds us is huge.


This computer could well range more stylish.

That dog we bought? Not working out.

We’ll sire more children for our bloody line

we’ll be elderly glorious gold.


Our bodies are falling away to dirt

each cell striving 24/7

to preserve our handcraft visages

beyond the deep and lonely grave.


Comfortable in our refrigerate casks

we’ll arrive at heaven well- fashioned

shoulder aside the angel wailing

silence the choirs of the dispossessed.


With our turned-out phrases

with our mildew educations

we’ll beat foul death

to his rapid punch.


We’ll pry open the barriers of infinity

crush the telomere opposition

stride over the once-holy universe,

drunken at its star-struck farthest edge.


We are the glorious race of the favored

defended by rare technologies

never a moment the earth will claim us

nor the judgment of heaven descend.


We’ll banish sorrow and the rigors of age

eat every possible combination

of the cosmos’ fruits and treasure awaiting

give us this day our eternal bread!